Scientific Papers


06/2018 - Interview with Geoffrey Dirat, for Profession Santé, on the interoperability of electronic records in Quebec

07/2017 - Interview with Vik Atopia for CBC News The National, on mobile physician consultation applications in Canada

3) CBC National Television

09/2016 - Interview with Janet Colwell of the ACP Hospitalist (American College of Physician) for the article on FLOW published in JAMIA 2016

07/2016 - Interview with Paul Webster of the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), for the article on eRx published in JAMIA 2015

05/2016 - TV interview with Mélanie Breton for LCN, for the article on antidepressants published in JAMA 2017

05/2016 - Radio interviews with CBC / Radio Canada, for the article on antidepressants published in JAMA 2017:

Radio-Canada radio Vancouver Phare Ouest. Interview with Marie Villeneuve. // CBC radio Montreal Homerun. Interview with Sue Smith. // CBC radio Ontario AM. Interview with Wei Chen. // CBC radio Cape Breton InfoMorning. Interview with Steve Sutherland. // CBC radio Quebec AM. Interview with Susan Campbell. // CBC radio Gander Central Morning. Interview with Leigh Anne Power. // CBC radio Iqaluit. Interview with Kevin Kablutsiak. // CBC radio Daybreak Kamloops. Interview with Shelley Joyce. // CBC radio Regina The Morning Edition. Interview with Sheila Cole. // CBC radio Vancouver The Early Edition. Interview with Rick Cluff. // CBC radio Whitehorse A New Day. Interview with Sandi Coleman. // ICI Première Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Interview with Anne-Claude Luneau.